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The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg

This project is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung and Karl Dietz Verlag, and is contracted to be published by Verso Books. But we need your help!

Rosa Luxemburg (1871–1919) is widely regarded as one of the most creative writers of modern socialism and the foremost female theoretician of European radicalism. Her wide-ranging and incisive works, which include studies on capitalism’s inherent drive for global expansion, the relation between spontaneity and organization, and the inseparability of democracy and socialism, have made her a pole of attraction for theorists and activists around the world. Her fiercely independent intellect and uncompromising defense of human liberty speaks more powerfully to our era than to any other.

The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg will make her entire body of work available for the first time. It will contain all of her books, pamphlets, essays, articles, letters and manuscripts, many of which have never before appeared in English. It will also include writings of hers that have only recently been discovered. All of her previously published work in English will be newly translated from German, Polish, Russian, and Yiddish originals. The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg will be published in fourteen volumes, each with comprehensive annotations and introductions.

The Complete Works of Rosa Luxemburg will bring the contributions of this remarkable thinker and personality alive for new generations. The project was inaugurated in March 2011 with the publication of The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, and Volume I of the Complete Works will be published in February 2013. We’re now raising funds for the translation of Volume II, the second volume of economic writings, which will include a revised translation of the Accumulation of Capital and the Anti-Critique. As of December 2012, we’ve raised $21,523 and are aiming for a total of $30,000.

All donations over $100 will receive a free copy of the critically acclaimed Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, or a copy of this volume of the Complete Works. Donations over $250 will get both books and you can buy others at half price. If you’re able to donate $500 or more we’ll thank you on a donors page for the project, and donations of $1,000 or more will also be acknowledged in the book.

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